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Internet abuzz with Anna Hazare searches

New Delhi 08 Apr 2011 CNN-IBN

A 72 year old Gandhian is now a worldwide celebrity on Twitter. Tweets pour in every minute. He has struck a chord with youngsters a quarter his age.The Facebook page for Anna Hazare's non-violent protest had more than seventy thousand 'Likes' on Thursday afternoon. By evening, the numbers went up.

A separate web page for the 'India against Corruption' movement has 5,70,000 supporters already and more are on the way.

Even top celebrities are in on the act, tweeting virtual support for the cause. But they were soon drowned in the sheer volume of messages from the lay public.

There's talk of a Jasmine Revolution, an internet fuelled outpouring of 'People Power' like in Egypt, Gandhian Satyagraha just met Web 2.0.

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